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I’m Nika Talbot, Founder of The Shift Newsletter (for content creators) and Firebird (content studio). Author, mum, solopreneur, traveller.

I solve problems with words:

1. Brilliant content solutions for websites, apps, email and social – see my consultancy services
2. Telling stories on different mediums for a deeper connection and impact – humans are your bottom line!
3. Connecting solopreneurs – collaboration, community, skillswap (+ wealth walks!) – see my platform

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Just two things to say from all of us… BRAVO & AMAZING! It was really engaging and fun to read, it really makes you want to read more!

This is the reference we should keep for all the upcoming work.

Daniel MondragĂłn, Group Marketing Manager, Central America NestlĂ© – The Science of Growing up Happy
I work with B2B SaaS and tech companies, media agencies, creative entrepreneurs, non-profits and nice people #techforgood