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Content services for a new generation of future-of-work startups, SaaS companies, entrepreneurs and CMOs building our remote-first future.

Tools to make working life easier and more fun. Learning and growth platforms, open talent networks, mental health services, new models for publishing, web3 and more.

Mission: a bold and borderless working world. Freeing, flexible and productive – with opportunities for all 🌍

Core services:

1/ Copywriting and content strategy/design: websites, apps, niche newsletters and digital products

2/ Personal branding and thought leadership for CMOs, executives and modern marketers via LinkedIn

I offer the following monthly base package and consultancy to help generate targeted traffic, leads and sales.

#1 – Building Brand You! πŸ’‘ πŸš€

Hi & welcome to my BRAND YOU! storytelling package.

Do you need help investing in your personal brand to boost your career and promote your company?

Do you want well-crafted, rich content to grow your business and establish your expertise as a thought leader?

Do you want this done and done well by a skilled writer and founder who cares about UX, content and community?

Personal branding is all about YOU: where you came from, how you work and why you do what you do.

Honest, brave, and authentic – it will engage people deeper.

Empowerment, education, and entrepreneurship.

I’m excited to work with you and help you grow and nurture a loyal community!

Ready for an adventure? I have just the package for you.

What’s inside:

β€’ 20 x LinkedIn posts or comments (pure, organic magic)
β€’ 50 x original tweets or replies
β€’ 1 x blog post (500 words)
β€’ 1 x audio/video interview

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Cost: Β£750/mo (one-time strategy creation or ongoing support).

#2 – 1-1 Content Consultancy πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’» 🧠

I offer online sessions via Zoom for something specific and actionable you want to work on in your business.

A second brain! A problem shared is a problem halved…

Fill in the form below with more info, and I’ll send you a calendar link to book.

Cost: Β£80 per session

PS. This is my niche area of research, but I can write about other topics too!

Check out my Authory portfolio to see current and past projects and client work.

Helping you win the day!Β πŸš€