I offer the following services to help you generate targeted traffic, leads and sales for your business πŸš€

Telling stories on different mediums for a deeper connection and impact – humans are your bottom line!

Copywriting | Content strategy

Long-form copy: niche newsletters, brand narratives, thought leadership, blogs, social playbooks, research reports, and whitepapers.

Short-form copy: case studies, emails, UX copy, event storytelling.

My niche beat is content entrepreneurship – the fastest growing type of new business, and the creator economy.

Big jobs and little jobs!

How I work:

Remotely from my studio in St Leonards, East Sussex and local co-working spaces.

I work remotely, but I don’t work in a silo. The more business context, the better the work!

Gen-AI – I use ChatGPT for idea generation, content strategy, and to help boost my productivity. Excited to see how it can help us solve bigger social problems.

Need my copywriting chops? Fill in the form and I’ll be in touch.

Brand narratives | Storytelling

“While stories are singular in nature and have a beginning, middle and an end, narratives are open-ended and evolve over time. Stories are one-sided messages meant to be received by an audience. Narratives are flexible, adaptable, ongoing dialog comprised of many voices.” Maryann Bell on why you need a brand narrative, not a story.

My signature service.

I can interview you/your co-founder about your why and mission. What problems are you solving? People care about, like and trust people, so this is a great way to connect with your audience and build a loyal following.

“Shifting our lens from creating a single brand story to the larger opportunity of crafting an enduring brand narrative, can unleash the true power of our brand to connect, to amplify and to contribute to larger narratives in the world.

And quite possibly ignite a powerful conversation, discourse or social movement.”

You’ll get a fun, engaging, long-form interview for your website and socials (and a shoutout on my social communities too) πŸ‘‡

Content entrepreneur spotlight: Marianne Lehnis, Founder of The Green Techpreneur.

Media mentoring

Interested in some 1-on-1 mentoring with me? A second brain – a problem shared is a problem halved.

An opportunity to connect on a more personal level, explore what you are looking to create in your work/life and if we are a match for working together.

Book a 30-minute session: strategy, coaching, consulting.

Starter: for those just starting their content entrepreneur journey

β€’ 1 x 30-minute virtual session per month
β€’ Growth plan and resources
β€’ Content review
β€’ 1 x classified ad in The Shift
β€’ Investment: Β£49 per month
β€’ Short-term or ongoing support – flat fee, cancel anytime. Easy!

Growth: for rising stars who want to fly!

β€’ 2 x 30-minute virtual sessions per month
β€’ Growth plan and resources
β€’ Content review
β€’ 1 x classified ad in The Shift
β€’ Investment: Β£99 per month
β€’ Short-term or ongoing support – flat fee, cancel anytime. Easy!

Nika writes a really helpful newsletter for the intersection of writing, the digital world and entrepreneurship, which can be a lonely place for a lot of people. Her guidance is greatly appreciated.” Ann Marie McQueen, Founder and CEO | HotFlash Inc

Ellen Donnelly, Founder + Chief Coach | The Ask

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Inspiring and insightful stories of modern business.

Sponsorship opportunities – brand narratives, sponsored links, classified ads, and much more!

I’m looking for long-term partnerships and collabs with like-minded founders and companies.

Speaking and podcasts

Need a guest speaker at your event or podcast? I talk about content entrepreneurship, writing online, and personal development.

I’ve delivered talks and training for the National Union of Journalists, Women Writers’ Network, Women in Journalism, The Copy Club, The Portfolio Collective, Hastings Womens’ Voice, Rude Magazine, local biz groups and podcasts.

I hosted St Leonards Salon for two years – meetups and workshops for creatives in Hastings & St Leonards.

I’m a published author (sex & relationships, wellbeing, parenting guides). See my books here.

Nika Talbot: Winner UK Enterprise Awardss 2022
I work with B2B SaaS companies, creative entrepreneurs, media agencies, non-profits and nice people #TechForGood

The most successful freelance experience I’ve personally ever had. Nika flawlessly adapted to our clients’ ever-changing needs.

You kick arse! A huge, huge, huge thank you for all your precious help on this book; I can’t say it enough. We would never have got there without you! You rock!Nicola Franchet, Medical Copy Director | Publicis Healthcare.

Nestle: The Science of Growing Up Happy book.