Hey – I’m Nika, building The Shift, the newsletter for content entrepreneurs.

Tools, tips and strategies to help you build a one-person business that sets you free.

Inspiring and insightful stories of modern business.

My motto: Work less. Make more. Enjoy life.

3 Reasons why…

1. Be a better writer and thinker. Peak performance and personal development. Work smarter not harder.

2. I’m on a quest to uncover the secrets of successful soloists who love what they do. ‘100 Interviews’ column to ebook.

3. I’d love to see more focus on entrepreneurship in schools – biz skills and inspiring speakers as part of the curriculum, rather than corporate conditioning and following orders.

A little of my story…

I’m an award-winning writer, author and entrepreneur. 15 years ago, I left London’s media hub – financial meltdown and burnout trying to juggle freelance journalism (precarious, low-paid work) and being a new mum.

Since then, I’ve built a remote copywriting business on-sea and written 12 books while lone parenting – see my services.

Now focused on growing a 7 figure one-person business that I can operate from anywhere. Gotta have big, hairy, audacious goals!

Have fun helping others go solo – and help my teenage daughter navigate her career and next steps.

Come with me. Here are 3 ways you can get involved.

Nika has written 12 books relating to health & wellness. There is fun to be had as we make The Shift to work smarter and live better. Recommended reading for Workforce Futurists!Andy Spence, Founder and CEO | The Workforce Futurist

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Gold star for reading this far! If you’re in the creator economy space, I’d love to connect and chat 😁