A little of my story

Hi, I’m Nika and I’m building The Shift, the newsletter for content creators and entrepreneurs.

My mission is to help you create a six-figure solopreneur business that sets you free.

I’m learning as I go and sharing everything I know to help you grow personally and professionally 💫

15 years ago, I left London’s media hub – in financial meltdown trying to make it work as a freelance journalist and new mum and moved to a seaside town.

Since then, I’ve built a copywriting/strategy business and written 12 books while lone parenting.

My beat is the future of work, the creator economy and content entrepreneurship.

I’m excited about web3 and its potential for indie creators. A decentralised internet – a true paradigm shift.

New ways of living, working and playing.

This is my playground. A place to have fun, build in public, and explore my creativity. I want to keep the e-letter free so I can reach as many people as possible.

Want to join me on my journey? Here’s how you can help 👇

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My loyal readership includes founders, marketers, journalists, creative entrepreneurs and freelancers actively looking for recommendations to improve their professional and personal lives.

Classified ads are affordable plain-text ads (up to 180 characters) which run at the end of the newsletter. Advertisers can add one link in the classified ads.

Cost: £50 per month (one-time strategy creation or ongoing support). Paying members get to run a classified ad for 1 month.

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#2 Hire me!

I’m a copywriter and content strategist – see my consultancy services here.

Content syndication – you can license my content to publish on your hubs.

Interested in 1 on 1 consulting? Set up a Discovery Call here. An opportunity to connect on a more personal level, explore what you are looking to create in your work/life and if we are a match for working together.

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Nika writes a really helpful newsletter for the intersection of writing, the digital world and entrepreneurship, which can be a lonely place for a lot of people. Her guidance is greatly appreciated.

Ann Marie McQueen, Founder + CEO, HotFlash Inc

Nika has written 12 books relating to health & wellness. There is fun to be had as we make The Shift to work smarter and live better. Recommended reading for Workforce Futurists!

Andy Spence, Founder + CEO, The Workforce Futurist

Question, comment or feedback? Get in touch. I’d love to hear from you!