The blueprint for building your 7-figure newsletter business

Learn from some of the top minds in the creator space 🔥

Here’s an inside look at how 7-figure newsletters make money from

It’s packed with lessons they’ve learned from growing their email list to 2m+ readers and millions of $$ in annual revenue.

And the wisdom of many other successful newsletter publishers – from Morning Brew to Axios to AppSumo and more.

The goal is to demystify the newsletter business and teach you what works through a visual method they call ‘The Newsletter Engine.’

How to stand out, grow, profit, and influence like never before.

Thanks to Ethan Brooks, lead researcher, for your hard work on this. It’s an absolute gem! 🤗

It was meant to be a premium report for Trends subscribers, but the project was shelved when they got acquired by Hubspot.

Hubspot doesn’t need the money, so it’s now FREE for you to download here, in glorious PDF chapters – part 4 is just out.

I heard about it on the Content is Profit podcast (fun, high energy!) – listen to the 3-part interview with Ethan here. Scroll down recent episodes, and you’ll see them all.

One thing Ethan said blew me away: size doesn’t matter.

He mentioned a niche newsletter that’s turning over 6-figures with a 1K audience. 

Farming? Nope. Fish? Nope.

It’s a newsletter for photo booth business owners. There can’t be that many of those!

The riches are in the niches. You will be the trusted source when “these people don’t have that many options.”

Good to start with content strategy. If you don’t have good content, nothing else will happen. Storytelling, personality, research and reporting. Your brand needs a heart and a soul to move hearts and souls – and to inspire and empower readers.

There’s no growth hack or pricing strategy that can overcome bad content.” 💯

Know your niche and audience value (and get to 10K subs!!) before you even think about paid growth strategies.

Thanks to the Trends team for making this free and accessible.

What else? I’m working on my content diet because Inbox Hell. 30K emails 😱 I can’t get out of the abyss – calendar invites, press releases, newsletters, random links I send myself.

Send me your tips and I’ll include them next time – just found a fantastic tool that might save me!

I’m setting up a website for TS. Substack is great, but it sucks re SEO. I don’t see many Substacks on Google search. I want to get everything on to my own site and build my content library. SEO, search, opportunity.

As Joe Pulizzi says: “Don’t build your content house on rented land.

Speaking of Joe, he’s offering a fantastic discount for the Creator Expo Show (CEX) in May. I have an affiliate code, but his deal is much better – you can get $200 off via his newsletter here.

I’m buying a virtual ticket, but next year it has to be in person. The magic happens in the room 💫

Keep moving!

Nika 🙂

🔥5 things to know

What’s inspired me this week.

Submit your publication RSS feed to the Google Publisher Center. It’s an interface that helps publishers submit, manage and monetise their content in Google News through Subscribe with Google. Speaking of search and SEO – just done it.

Learn how to build an email list – a proven system for getting 1K+ subscribers from Brian Harris at Growth Tools. The strategy around newsletters and some promotion tactics. Long but worth it. A little challenge for the next eight weeks!

Read newsletters for newsletters. Yes, it’s meta, but if you run a newsletter, there are a growing number of places to find out what’s happening on Planet Newsletter—roundup from Paul Metcalfe, the founder of Lettergrowth and Newsletter Blueprint.

Join YATM Creator Day 2023 at Lighthouse, Poole, on Thursday 27 April. A day for direction focused on your content and message. Audience building, personal brand, creativity, biz growth and cheerleading. This time others are paying for (most) of it 😉

Collaborate with Scott Britton, a tech entrepreneur who has just set up Creator Experiments on Substack. He sent me his newsletter growth experiment and would love your feedback and help. And some quick wins to help you reach more people.

Thoughts, questions, or topic suggestions?

Get in touch. I’d love to hear from you! Email or DM @nikatalbot

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