GCVA Annual Review 2020

On November 7, 2019, at our AGM we launched our new strategy, comprising of three pillars: Thought Leadership, Products /Services & International, with our wonderful membership, which now counts over 90 of the key players in the gift card industry and is at the heart of all we do. As a further reflection of these […]

5 Reasons to Work With Hoxby

With more businesses following government guidelines and working remotely, the chances are you’ll be operating like this for a bit longer – at least until those health & safety regs are in place. The lockdown has led to the world’s biggest experiment in remote working – and many bosses have been surprised by how well […]

5 Benefits of Blogging for Business

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have – multinational, SME or creative solopreneur, you still need to be blogging regularly to help drive new (and returning) traffic to your website. These days, it’s crucial to have a strong web and social media presence to grow your brand – and having a blog is […]

Berlin is the start-up capital of Europe (with one starting every 20 minutes!)

Black Label Properties has teamed up with vpmk Rechtsanwälte Legal Services to offer a dual service to help entrepreneurs set up a company and obtain a residency permit in one application. The combination of ‘Company Foundation Service’ together with ‘Residents’ Permit for Entrepreneurs’ is quite unique to vpmk and has been launched in response to […]