Nestlé – The Science of Growing Up Happy

A children’s book for Nestle

The client: Nestlé Lactogen brand.

The brief: A book on children’s health for 0-5 years. “The Science of Growing Up Happy”. Chapters covered developmental milestones for each period, 0-6 mo, 7-12 mo, 1-3 yr and 3-5 yr. Tips, advice, humour, key information for first-time mums. A full-time project over eight months.

How I did it: Translated scientific texts into an engaging narrative, created tone of voice, to fit the target reader – first-time mums in international markets. I did additional research and made suggestions for topics not covered in the source material. Editing & proofreading. 

Results: Team… It’s been such a long long long journey… from the day we were briefed till today.

A HUGE THANK YOU to all of those that were part of this project, that even with the tears it caused, it came to a beautiful outcome. You can count with us that we will make our best for the markets to apply it and use it the best possible way.

Special thanks to the Publicis Health team – Laurence, Jérôme and his team of fighters – the book is simply beautiful and it became the quality benchmark for the brand.

Nicola and Nicci, I am not a mom, and yet, you made me laugh and enjoy reading about poo and constipation!!

And Mara and Linna, without whom I would have thrown myself out of the window several times… gracias equipo de guerreras dorados!

And now, “grab a cup of tea and enjoy!” Read more

By Nika Talbot

Founder of The Shift Newsletter | Building a one-person business to 7 figures | Award-winning writer, author, entrepreneur.

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