5 Reasons to Work With Hoxby

With more businesses following government guidelines and working remotely, the chances are you’ll be operating like this for a bit longer – at least until those health & safety regs are in place. The lockdown has led to the world’s biggest experiment in remote working – and many bosses have been surprised by how well it’s working. It’s given us time to review how we operate, analyse strengths and weaknesses, and question processes. What’s clear is that businesses need to have a virtual model and a flexible, tech-savvy workforce to keep things going in a crisis. There are dozens of online freelance talent platforms to choose from – and they all have their strengths and weaknesses. So, where do you start? How do you find top talent? 

Here are five reasons to work with Hoxby.

  1. A pioneering, strategic approach to remote working

Unlike other management consultancies, we run an organisation fit for the future of work. We’ve developed our model and learned how to run remote teams efficiently – growing to become a £1 million+ turnover business in just five years. We have a four-stage strategy to help organisations plan for, implement, mitigate, and learn how to be more productive when remote working. Check out our social media campaign #remoteagainstcoronavirus for ideas and best practice. 

We’re also a purpose-led organisation with a mission: to create a happier, more fulfilled society through a world of work without bias. We take a holistic approach to what we do, which sets us apart from platforms that don’t invest in their people or provide a community where they can learn from each other. We also plough 75% of our profits back into the collective to help change the world of work. Since we started in 2015, we’ve had 20,000 applications to join, such is the demand for flexible working.

We work collaboratively as teams to get to the core of your brief, pull it apart, examine it, get the community’s perspective, and bring you back a plan. We work across all areas of business – marketing, admin, HR, PR, innovation, & creative, and provide a #futureproofing consultancy service.

  • A global network of talent 

Quality over quantity. We have more than 1,000 handpicked experts working remotely across 40 countries. “Our latest creative project team has people from Ireland, South Africa, Italy, France, Sweden, Germany, Portugal, and England. This has given cultural and creative insight as I have never experienced before. Everyone brings a different perspective and their own unique creativity,” says Pat Tierney, Hoxby’s Creative Director. 

We select freelancers based on their skill, expertise, shared values, and our ability to provide enough paid work for people via the platform (applications open quarterly). As of August 2019, 32% of Hoxbies were in paid work – via clients or internally. This is a lot higher than other freelance platforms/intermediaries, which typically create work for 3-4% of their people. Freelancers also earn a commission when they refer a client to the community.

Our model enables us to match the right people to each project, through a rigorous selection process – freelancers do a trial test before they can pitch for projects and then work in teams. So, you’ll be working with a community of experts with a shared #workstyle and common values.

  • A model that works 

Our client portfolio includes global brands like Unilever, Merck, AIA and Amazon Web Services through scale-ups like the football streaming platform MyCujoo. Xeco asked us to help them launch a new sherry to the market and rebrand that old-fashioned image of ‘Granny’s drink served at Christmas’. We needed a brand that would shake things up, build on the history of the category and bring it up to date with a bang – as a modern cosmopolitan drink. Hovis asked us to develop ideas for its Taste Sensations sub-brand to appeal to more discerning ‘foodies’. So, we worked with a chef from a Michelin-starred restaurant to create ‘signature serves’ for three flavours to provide inspiration. See more Hoxby projects here

  • Agile, scalable solutions

Our freelancers collaborate across time zones using cloud-based systems, (Google Meets, Slack, Zoom), which is as effective as working in the same room. It means the work is transparent and we can integrate seamlessly with your teams. It also gives you an insight into best practice for remote working, useful tools and platforms, and how to use them effectively – see our crash guide to using Slack. There are no hidden costs for workspace or training. We invest every penny into the people working for you and your business.

  • Passionate people 

As individuals, Hoxbies choose what they work on so are invested in your project and will give more than their time to ensure you succeed. We also talent match, so you get the right mix of age, experience, knowledge, interest and enthusiasm. There’s no additional fee for working with senior people. You’ll get an engaged workforce who are passionate about what they do and working in a way that motivates them. We are free from tired agency hierarchies and focus on outputs…rather than job titles – the future of work.

Our new survey shows that 78% of senior management agree that “remote working is the future of my organisation”. Estimates suggest that more than half the working UK, EU, and US populations will be working outside traditional work models during the next five years – as freelancers and contractors. So, businesses need to be remote ready – and not just for a pandemic! It’s been described as the freelance revolution 3.0 – first: online platforms, second: niche platforms, third: freelance communities with shared values and teamwork. We can help you evolve for the future of work, so you can attract and retain the best brains. 

We can’t wait for you to work with us in this new way. 

Nicci Talbot writes about the future of work, business, and creativity; she is part of the Hoxby community. 

Find out more about our work at Hoxby. If you’d like support, send us an email at enquiries@hoxby.com

By Nika Talbot

Founder of The Shift Newsletter | Building a one-person business to 7 figures | Award-winning writer, author, entrepreneur.

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