“Ideas are shit. Execution is the game.”

Stuck overthinking? Try this 👇

“I think you just need to put yourself out there a bit more.” 

Advice from my massage therapist based on conversations we’ve had over the last few months (treatments have turned into therapy sessions, she’s very intuitive).

I was a bit taken aback and jumped in – I am online. I post on LinkedIn regularly, I chat to people. I’ve been working on my niche, positioning, strategy, studying… She just looked at me. Yeah, I know, it sounds ridiculous. 

Good thing about massage – it helps with creativity and gets things moving. Nothing like a good stretch to free the mind/body. There’s also accountability with monthly sessions as she checks in. Active therapy, which I like. 

We have a lot in common – she’s a self-employed mum who works from home (big shed in the garden), but we are in different worlds. Her work is physical, she sees clients for a set time, and she’s tuned in to what’s happening locally.

All her clients come from word-of-mouth referrals. Facebook page, that’s it.

All my work is online, remote clients, solo, knowledge work, which never ends. 

A woman I co-work with said the same thing the other day – “We need to get you out there. Have you introduced yourself on Loomio yet?” I said no, then realised I’ve been there for six months and not pitched my services to other businesses! 

I’ve been stuck in the overthinking trap – strategising – tweaking – planning – website – pricing phase. Thinking about packages I can offer and how to productise my services. What I can offer and want to do versus what the market needs.

Worrying about how things will land and be perceived, when I just need to be making and doing – daily. Which is the fastest way to talk yourself out of anything! 

NOBODY is looking at my work as closely as I am. 

When I feel stuck, I turn to YouTube… Always something to move you along. 

Really glad I stumbled across this video on personal branding by Gary Vee. Think he’s spot on – a brilliant explanation of what most creators struggle with.  

“I’ll give you the biggest tip when it comes to content creation. Document. Don’t create.” 

It is an absolute monster of a concept and a big shift. 

“People aren’t starting. They’re just not making. They’re thinking, they’re pondering, they’re strategising, they’re debating. The difference between people like me and the far majority is that I’m doing at all times.” 

“Don’t go fancy. Build a habit of daily documentation – share your process, observations, and conversations from the place you’re at rather than where you wish you were”. 

“I think it’s much smarter for you to talk to the world about your process of going through this than the advice you think you should be giving them. That’s where people are struggling.” 

Yes. Very easy to get caught up in the ‘expert’ label and feel like you need to have all the answers, be polished online and have achieved a certain level of (financial) success for credibility. Analysis paralysis. 

“If you want to be respected and known, show the fuck up. There’s no excuse for not talking to the world. It just doesn’t have to be your thoughts and words all the time.” 

If you can’t create – curate, distribute, facilitate, interview. There’s value in sharing others’ work and adding your spin. 

Helpful tips on content strategy, too – creating from the top down rather than the bottom up. It is hard to create on demand. Setting constraints and thinking of each day as a ‘mini show’ where you focus on one thing only. So, you don’t have to think too much.

Vida Vegana’s comment 👌

Appreciate you, Gary – thanks for documenting and sharing. 

It is refreshing to feel this way – there’s a lightness in letting go. Be an explorer, not an expert. Social media marketing and personal branding can feel heavy – as Ellen said, like you need to craft the perfect post. 

Couple of things. I’ve signed up for Josh Spector’s Skills Sessions (regular jams, ask what you want) and asked him for feedback on the interview project. Thinking about different ways to format them for the NL. 

I’m also doing Ben Meer’s new course, Creator Method – loving his LinkedIn – systems thinking for smart living. 

Ben says he hates self-promotion – there’s a little video of him in the corner of the lessons, but he’s putting himself out there to share his ideas.

Excellent so far, a holistic approach to the creator economy. I’m sure it will fly – he has an interesting background and expertise. 

Marianne’s Tilt trophy arrived – what a beauty! A daily (visual) reminder of how far you’ve come is motivating. 

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How I earned $10K in April as a Freelance Content Marketing Writer | Jennifer Goforth Gregory. Time versus money – a great way to think about and track your year, and lessons to remember. 

In Conversation – All Things Content with Nika Talbot. I chatted to 1000 Faces Club about my creator journey. Like how they format these interviews and repurpose them on social. 


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