My mission

I humanise technology. Creating delightful digital products people love and find useful.

Bringing more humanity and creativity to business👩‍🎤

Solving your problems using better communication— data-driven writing, storytelling, empathy and systems thinking.

The Shift 💌 Exploring how tech can improve how we live, work and play. I’m optimistic web3 will deliver on its promise: teams building things that provide value to society. 

Writing online since 1995 👩‍💻

I’ve been a remote company of one for 15 years. As a freelance journalist, copywriter and author. I’ve written 12 books on health and wellness topics. 

I’m social media officer at NUJ London Freelance, on the Freelance Industrial Council, an RSA fellow and resident of the House of Beautiful Business. 

Now deep-diving into the badass world of UX writing and content design – studying with Berghs SOC and the UX Content Collective. 

I’m also trying to do a four-day week – essential life admin!!

My passions: Verb, flâner, to stroll —roaming and reflecting, running, slow travel, smart growth in small towns through distributed work 👩‍💻

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