The Shift: Issue #2

Backstage business – retail and the new reality.

I worked with the GCVA on its first webinar this week – how retail is adapting to the new normal. Two hours, 90 attendees via Zoom – an excellent event. Full respect to the team who pulled it together and made it look effortless. People don’t realise how much work goes into an online event. The backstage business; it’s like a military operation. 

Five people, practice runs, production schedule, video, music, slides, speakers, app testing, promo, social media, virtual backgrounds, green screen, job sheet, live event, WhatApp commentary, comfort break: “I’m running for the fastest pee ever,” wrap up, debrief, follow up email…

The event producer had five screens. 

All the deadlines had to come together, so it’s like hosting a mini-conference. I wrote an Annual Review, set to hit inboxes post-event. 

Interesting insights from KPMG and GlobalData on the impact of coronavirus on consumer behaviour, 10 weeks into the lockdown. Read more


By Nika Talbot

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