The Shift: Issue #10

A minimalist approach to business.

Last July, I had to set up a limited company as clients and agencies won’t do business with sole traders for various reasons. This came up after I’d been offered the contract, so it was a bit of a rush job. I registered with Companies House and sorted out business insurance (difficult when you have poor credit – finally got it sorted via a broker). I was apprehensive as I like to keep things simple. Was it worth the hassle and expense of going limited for a short contract?

I went for it anyway as it was an interesting project with a big brand, well paid and could lead on to other things. I worked on it full time for six months and kept my other clients on reduced hours – gruelling – a good practice run for the lockdown. I learnt how to handle an ever-shifting brief, multiple sign-offs and differing opinions on tone of voice. It felt good to be earning proper money. Going limited has made me think about my business as a separate entity. I’ve given my agency a name, and it means I can apply for a wider range of projects.

Now it’s listed on CH, I’m being approached by lots of people keen to sell me stuff. Sales letters in the post, random calls, InMail – do I need staff, office space or software solutions? (nope, it’s just me). All trying to persuade me to buy, upgrade, do more, get bigger.

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By Nika Talbot

I help badass biz owners get their big ideas noticed and make money through strategic storytelling and compelling content so they can shine online, grow their tribe, and get outside and LIVE LIFE 🌟🚀

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